New research program

The Prince Charles Hospital, the Australian Catholic University and SensorX have commenced a research project to improve pressure injury prevention.

Pressure injuries remain one of the major problems of the Australian health care system, with more than 120,000 cases each year. The annual costs of pressure injuries to the public hospitals exceed $1.8 billion.

The Prince Charles Hospital, Australian Catholic University and SensorX have commenced a joint research project. The objective of the project is to improve current pressure injury prevention standards and develop new prevention methodologies.

SensorX’s innovative technology enables new, previously unavailable ways of the data and evidence collection in the pressure injuries research. The joint research team will explore the new opportunities, made possible by the application of the new data. It is expected that the research may help to save lives of tens of thousands of patients, as well as billions of dollars in costs.

The Prince Charles Hospital is one of the leading research and teaching hospitals in Australia with a reputation for delivering excellence in healthcare. It employs around 3200 staff who together provide specialised care for over 420,000 people a year. The Prince Charles Hospital is involved in numerous national and international research trials and projects. It is the centre for leading clinical and translational research programs, particularly in the fields of cardiac thoracic medicine and surgery, critical care and orthopaedics.